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Beats for Peeps – Episode 28 (26/11/2020)

Today we have a very special episode where we will listen to a conversation I recently had with Silke Eberhard, Nikolaus Neuser and Talibam! – the duo formed by Kevin Shea and Matt Mottel. They are not only brilliant musicians but also very interesting and funny people. It was a pleasure and an honour to […]

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Beats for Peeps – Episode 22 (08/10/2020)

Tracklist: 1 – Tyler Higgins – Day is Done2 – Tyler Higgins – Let it Shine on Me3 – Tyler Higgins – Texas is My Home4 – Tyler Higgins – Broken Blues5 – Lucas Brode – There is someone softly singing in the other room6 – Lucas Brode – Vague sense of virtue7 – Lucas […]

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