Beats for Peeps

Beats for Peeps is a digital music publication centered around jazz, free improvisation, and diverse forms of experimental sound research. This project originated as a blog and radio program in mid-2020 and has since evolved into a platform that showcases a range of Portuguese and international projects. Through reviews, interviews, in-depth articles, and podcasts, Beats for Peeps aims to spotlight various musical endeavors. Beats for Peeps is a non-profit initiative driven purely by a passion for music in all its diverse forms and origins.

Contact Information

For music submissions, suggestions, or proposals regarding collaborations and projects, please reach out to the author via email at [email protected].

About the Author

João Morado (Coimbra, 1992) is the author behind Beats for Peeps. As a writer, he has collaborated with several prominent Portuguese music publications, such as Rimas e Batidas and magazines. Additionally, João is active as a radio host and DJ, having already developed two signature programs: Beats for Peeps, aired on Agita, Ophelia, and RADAR radio stations, and Cosmofonia, featured on RADAR. Professionally, he has conducted research in the field of theoretical and computational chemisty and physics across various European countries. Presently, he works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

In the realm of music, João has contributed to diverse musical projects. He was a member of the now-defunct Trepanation, played a role in the Bairrada Krew collective, and is one half of the Slick Menace duo. As an independent producer, he operates under the moniker CAP.THE.TRI. Additionally, he co-founded the record label WAY OUT Records and has played a pivotal role in establishing numerous artistic and cultural initiatives in the Bairrada region, including Sinapse and Bairrada Streaming Sessions.



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