Beats for Peeps – Episode 19 (17/09/2020)

The 19th episode of Beats for Peeps is devoted to Discordian Records, a label that promotes Barcelona’s underground experimental and improvised music scene, as well as other national and international acts related to it. All politically incorrect and dubious sound quality Discordian recordings make it to the public ears through Discordian Bootlegs.


1 – Discordian Community Ensemble – All Of Them
2 – Discordian Community Ensemble – Omaggio a C.G. Jung 
3 – Discordian Community Ensemble – Teleoperator
4 – The Antistandard – Hostia Reds
5 – The Antistandard – Misanthropy
6 – Hung Mung ft. Luís Vicente –Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Chaos
7 – Ferran Besalduch/Johannes Nästesjö – Slaying Enemies Daily
8 – Ferran Besalduch/Johannes Nästesjö – Bishops Are Not Saints
9 – Ferran Besalduch/Johannes Nästesjö – Never Tip My King

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